We provide financing on a selective basis. To date investments have focused on emerging innovative tech-related markets. Recent Capital investments include:



Enerpulse specializes in developing environmentally friendly ignition products through the application of pulse power technology. Their newest innovation, Pulstar™ is a unique and patented one-piece pulse plug that aims to replace current spark plugs and capture a significant share of this $3 billion market in addition to a share of the high-performance aftermarket.


SN Tech, develops low-cost, intelligent electric motors with enhanced efficiency. The SN-ECM™ motor uses patent brushless motor technology. It is designed to be used in a range of air moving motors, including HVAC systems, blowers, air-drying units, train or bus A/C systems, agricultural and horticultural multi-fan structures, and more. SN Tech’s motors use 80% less electricity then high efficiency AC motors currently available on the market and are the lowest heat emitting motor, thus can save air-conditioned buildings approximately $65 per motor.

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