Toronto Standard

Toronto Standard is a daily, digital briefing on the life of the city, covering urban affairs, business, technology, culture and design — and all the sparks that happen in between. The Standard lived once before, publishing as a newspaper from 1848-1850, when Toronto was a mere trading village of 23,000. After 161 years in the media afterlife, it has re-booted to reflect the global metropolis Toronto is in the process of becoming. The Standard presents an insightful, provocative blend of reporting, interviews, commentary and video documentary that explores Toronto as a hub of creativity and innovation. Led by a roster of influential and award-winning writers and filmmakers the focus is both global and local, driven by a passion for Toronto neighbourhoods but with a distinct worldly view. Visit online at

Our Firm

Queen Street Partners is an investment, development, and management company based in Toronto, Canada.

Our Strategy

We value good Partnerships. Approach business with creativity and navigate the path to success.

Our Focus

Cultivating talent & recognizing value in our relationships.

Our Value

Vision and execution.
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